The Wonder Drug of Berryville

In 1960, Berryville disc jockey Jack Reno of radio station KTCN made a plea in Billboard magazine that his station was spinning three hours of country music a day and was in dire need of some albums and singles. Within six months, he would release a 45 rpm record of his own, an upbeat country weeper called “The Wonder Drug” on the Eureka label where pharmaceuticals from Streptomycin to penicillin are saluted (Dr. Jonas Salk even gets a shout out). But, he asks, why can’t they find a wonder drug to heal a broken heart?

2 thoughts on “The Wonder Drug of Berryville”

  1. There was an A and B side to this 45 that included a recording of “The Moon Won’t Tell”. The record producer, my father Ernie Howard, was the managing partner of the new ownership group that purchased KTCN in 1960, just prior to these recordings. The station was rebranded KTHS in 1962 (there is an interesting history about that which I won’t go into here for brevity’s sake). I believe that Jack was onboard prior to the purchase and stayed on working for my father for a few months before moving on to other opportunities as a DJ in larger markets as well as a career as a country music recording artist. KTHS was subsequently sold to new owners in the fall of 1965 and continues broadcasting to this day.

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