Roots Music Trail

Trail Map
Here’s one possible path for the Roots Music Trail of the Arkansas Ozarks. Click the image for a closer look.

The Roots Music Trail of the Arkansas Ozarks is a proposed scenic byway that spans through most of north Arkansas, connecting towns and communities on the path with rich musical ties. While the term “roots music” can take on many definitions, here it represents the music heard through the hills throughout the past century or more. It can be bluegrass, folk, country, early rock ’n’ roll and even blues and jazz. By promoting the music, its Ozark heritage and attractions, this will increase tourism and economic development for the communities along and near the trail. This can include music venues, festivals, musical instrument makers and demonstrations, regional jam sessions, markers and museums (this could involve a music exhibit/display in an already existing museum).

A tentative path has been drawn up for the trail and would begin, from the west, around the Mountainburg area in Crawford County and wind upward through Benton County (Rogers), on over to Carroll County (Eureka Springs) down to Boone County (Harrison) through Mountain View, Heber Springs, up to Hardy on over to Pocahontas, where it would connect to the Rock and Roll Highway 67, creating a gateway to the Roots Music Trail and vice versa.

4 thoughts on “Roots Music Trail”

  1. It would be a mistake to leave out Yellville, the home of the Whittling Fiddler of The Ozarks,
    Violet Hensley.

    1. Not really sure. The last time we checked, it appeared to have electricity, but it didn’t look like there was an active business in the building. There were no signs.

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