An Ozarks Country Music Two-Fer: The Wilburn Brothers and Vernon Oxford

You can’t dispute the force that was behind Hardy, Arkansas’ Teddy and Doyle Wilburn, the duo who made up the Wilburn Brothers. Talented musicians in their own right from the Ozark foothills town, these stars of the Grand Ole Opry were also responsible for launching many careers, including that of Loretta Lynn’s. They also had a syndicated television show from 1963 to 1974, which is currently being broadcast on the RFD-TV network. Above, they sing  homage to locales in northeast Arkansas, such as Crowley’s Ridge and cotton fields.

And, below, on a different Wilburn Brothers Show, here’s a performance by Benton County native Vernon Oxford, apparently wearing a suit by Nudie’s Rodeo Tailors — the same company that made the glittery suits of Porter Wagoner. Honky-tonk at its finest.

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